Louis Rolland documents

23 March 1908 | 7 Feb 1912 | 22 Sept 1913 | 25 May 1914 | 1 Juin 1915 | 7 Juin 1915 |
16 May 1916 | 15 Nov 1918

Note: these letters are in English and French. I have transcribed exactly from original. Translation is provided when the original is in French

23 March 1908

Front: Colour postcard ” on the Maganetawan River. On Grand Trunk Railway”

Stamped Phoenix BC

Date: 23 March 1908 [?]

Mlle Celestine Guegan
5 Brook Terrace
St Peter Port
Channel Islands

Mai 25th 1908

My dear Celestine,

I am still waiting for news from you and I can see it’s no good – always nothing. Proof that I am always thinking about you now. I think I’ve written to you often enough, if you want a response dear Celestine, you will be waiting until you have sent me a line or two. Give my regards to your parents, brother and sister, hoping that you are all in good health. As for me I am the same.
your friend who thinks of you (and loves you) always

Ma Chere Celestine

[J’attend] toujours de tes nouvelles mais je vois j’ai beau attendre toujours rien. Preuve je pense toujours a toi maintenant me semble d’avoir s’ecrit souvent assez a mon tour, d’avoir une reponse donc chere Celestine [ ] va attendre a moin [?] que tu m’est envoyer une ligne ou deux. Bien mes compliments a tes parents, frere et soeur esperant que vous etes tous en bonne sante. quand a moi je suis de meme.
ton ami qui pense et [t’aime] toujours


Feb 7th 1912

Fenwick Feb 7
Photo of Union Stock Yards, Chicago
To: Mlle Celestine Guegan
Chez Mme Rottembourg
142 rue Faubourg St Denis
10iems Av

Greenwood B.C. Feb 7th 1912

Dear Celestine
[ ] word on PC let you know I am well hoping you all the same and hear from Auguste, all well. So from Miss Nellie Crogoff she still at New York and her father and mother at the Island of Bermuda. My regards to Marie.
I am yours for ever

Sept 22, 1913

Hotel Vancouver, BC (colour)
Stamped Greenwood Sept 22 1913


Addressed to [?]

Chere Celestine
Few word on PC. let you know I am getting on allright hoping you same. Everything as nice been expected getting a little cold around the evening now. I received card from Marie yesterday. Will write you letter soon. I am yours for ever LR

May 25, 1914

Colour town view Nelson
Stamped Greenwood May 25, 1914

Addressed to
Mlle Celestine Guegan
Chez Mme Rottembourg
142 Rue [ ]
St Denis

Greenwood B.C. 25.5.1914

Dear Celestine
2 lines on pc – my health good, hoping the same on reception of my card. Day before yesterday no change, everything continues the same. A letter follows in a day or two. Yours ever LR

Chere Celestine
Deux lignes sur ma sante bonne esperant de meme a la reception de ma carte. avant hier ici pas de changement tout continue de meme. A letter follows in a day or two. Yours Ever LR

1ier Juin (1915)

No envelope
Le 1ier Juin 1915

My beloved Celestine

I have just received your letter of 19 May and I understand your desire to come and see me at Moiremont. Me, my darling, I couldn’t ask for better, but can you see the difficulty, serious and dangerous, and further it’s impossible for a woman to come to a place like Moiremont. It’s true that there are not only troops here, there are for example some civilians, but not many and then there are shells which land from time to time, my darling it’s enough to be [illegible] than to see you come to a place like this. You understand well my Celeste , it will happen, it is my greatest desire to spend some hours with you, but I prefer that you wait for me in Paris and I don’t doubt that it won’t be long before we are together. This was will finish quickly with the intervention of Italy.

Also my darling, imagine, you will come and I will be in the trenches and we won’t be able to see each other, and you never know where we will be. You see, as I said, I went to Moiremont for 4 days. We went very close to the Bagatelle in reserve trenches and the 4 days passed peacefully without alerts. Last night we returned here in the same “gourbix” as before where there are no attacks.

After the 4 days here we may go to Moirement but we can’t be sure. My darling Celeste I received the day before yesterday a parcel from my brother in Squiffiec, containing butter and cigars. You see, I have nothing to complain about. There’s also everything you send me.

My darling I am in good health and hope you are the same. When you get this letter say hello to Marie and your cousins and Mlle Josephine. So my fiancee, I finish this letter. Your lover who loves you and can’t stop thinking about you. I sent you my best and most affectioned kisses.

Yours forever,

PS I will write to you again tomorrow my darling, I have to finish this letter as the postman is coming any second and I don’t want to miss the mail.
My best love,

Ma bien aimee Celestine

Je viens de recevoir ta letter du 29 Mai et je comprend ton desir de venir me voir a Moiremont. Moi, ma cherie je ne demande pas mieux mais vois-tu la difficulte, serieux et dangereuse; et en plus c’est impossible pour une dame venir en un endroit comme Moiremont vu, il n’ya que des troupes, c’est vrai il y a pour exemple quelques civile, mais pas nombreux et puis il y a quelques obus qui viens de temps a autre, ma cherie c’est assez d’etre [ ] que de voir venir dans cet endroit tu comprend bien ma Celeste ce n’est pas manque serai le plus grand desir de passer quelques heures avec toi, mais j’ai prefere que tu m’attends a Paris et je ne crois pas il a d’autre pour longtemps avant nous serons ensemble. Cette guerre va vite finir maintenant avec l’intervention de l’italie

En plus ma cherie, figure toi, tu viendrais, je serais en tranchee on pourrais pas ce voir et on ne sait jamais, ou l’on cet trouve. Tu vois, je te disais, j’allais a Moiremont pour quattre jour [ point du tout]. Nous somme alles bien pres de la Bagatelle en tranchees de reserve et les quatres jours sont passes tranquillements sans alerte. Hier au soir nous sommes revenus ici dans les memes gourbix qu’avant ou il n’y a pas d’attaques.


Apres les quattre jours ici il est question allons a Moiremont mais on est jamais sur. Ma bien aimee Celeste j’ai recu avant hier un colis de mon frere de Squiffiec avec le beurre et des cigars. Tu vois je ne suis pas a plaindre. En plus de tout ce que toi meme m’envoie.

[ ] ma cherie je suis en bonne sante esperat que tu es de meme. A la [ ] de ma lettre bien le bonjour a Marie et tes cousines Mlle Josephine. Donc ma fiancee je termine ma lettre. ton amour qui t’aime et ne cesse pas de penser a toi. Je t’envoie mes meilleurs et tendres baisers.

Yours forever

Je t’ecrirai de nouveau demain ma bien aimee il faut je termine cette lettre cause le [vague mestre] va passer a l’instant et faut que ma lettre manque le courier
my best love

7 Juin 1915

Post card offered to our soldiers [Carte Postale offerte a nos soldats]

Post date: 7 June 1915

To Mlle Celestine
142 rue Faubourg
St Denis
10th Arrondisement

from Louis Rolland
161 Infanterie
12 Compagnie
3 Section
Secteur 32


My dear Celeste
they going [close] the mail, so that [ ] give us any time for a letter. Anyhow my dear I send you [card] let you know I am allright and, dearest received two card from you yesterday. So glad to hear from you. All morning, my dear, we have been drilling, and it is very hot, this day out here. This morning, my Celeste I received nice little parcel from a lady at Rennes, that use to take breakfast every morning the time I was in sections. was quiet surprise at that. So my dear regards to all…[ ]

16 Mai 1916

from the Ministry of War [Ministere de la Guerre]
Service des Renseignements aux Familles de l’Etat Civil et des Successiens Militaires
Section des Renseignements aux Familles
P.I. 2276
Paris le 16 Mai 1916

L’Entendant Militaire LE BARS
Chef du Service de Renseignements aux Familles

a Mademoiselle Celestine Guegan
142 Rue du Faubourg Saint Denis


In response to your enquiry regarding the last resting place of Corporal Rolland Louis Marie of the 161 Infantry Regiment, I have the honour of letting you know the infomtion which is on his tomb.

Died for France in the field of honor of St Hilaire le Grand, he was burial was the responsibility of the 36th Regiment of the Territorial Infantry.

Reunited with his comrades with whom he shared combat and glorious death, he lies in tombe 503, of the collective tomn 36-IV in the military cemetary Parc du Genie in Mourmelon le Grande (Marne) and is inscribed in the book number 62 of the book of the battlefield [?]

In the hope that this information will bring a little relief to your pain. Most respectfully yours,
Comme suite a votre demande, relative au lieu d’inhumation du caporal ROLLAND Louis Marie du 161 Regiment d’Infanterie, j’ai l’honneur de vous faire part les renseignements qui m’ont ete communique sur sa sepulture.

Mort pour la France au Champ d’honneur de Saint Hilaire le Grand. Il fut inhume par les soins du 36 Regiment Territorial d’Infanterie.

Reuni a ses camarades dont il avait partage les combats et la mort glorieuse, il repose dans la tombe 503 comprise dans la sepulture collective 36-IV du cimitiere militaire du Parc du Genie au lieu dit l”Ancienne Telegraphie, Commune de Mourmelon le Grande (Marne) et est inscrit au No d’ordre 62 du carnet du champ de bataille.

Dans l’espoir que ces indications apporteront un adoucissement a votre douleur, veuillez agreer, Mademoiselle mes respectueuses salutations.

Nov 15th 1918

I H Hallett
Barrister, Solicitor
Notary Public
Greenwood B.C.
Nov 15th 1918

Mademoiselle Celestine Guegan,
Chez Madame Rottembourg
142 Rue du Faubourg, St Denis

Dear Mademoiselle:-
A letter have been received by me enquiring about the late Louis Rolland, and he has been notified that Mr Rolland was killed in action in 1915.

It appears that Mr Rolland is the owner of land in the City of Spokane in the State of Washington, and this should be looked after, otherwise it may be sold for non-payment of taxes, and doubtless you will know who should be the owner of the property. If Mr Rolland left a will the matter will be determined very easily; if he did not, the property will belong to his relatives. It is thought the property may be worth $2000.00

Yours very truly
I H Hallet

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