Family Timeline
Date Event Notes
1882 15 August 1882, Louis Rolland born
1883 1 Feb 1883, Auguste Guegan born S: back of PostCard of  Inauguration du monument aux morts, St Laurent 1883-1915
1884 2 March 1884Marie Francoise Rosalie Guegan born
at La Gouesniere, near Cancale Ille et Vilaine
1885 Goasdoue’s migrate to Guernsey Source: change of address declaration by Francois Goasdoue
1887 25 Aug 1887 Yves Marie Goasdoue born in Begard, Brittany &nbsp
1888 11 April 1888 Julie Celestine Marie Yvonne Guegan born at Morlaix, Brittany diary entry [date]
1889 25 Feb 1889 Renee Marie Goasdoue born Yves Marie sister



Celestine lives at Huelgoat, where Yves Guegan  works as a stationmaster

Guegan family arrives in Guernsey

Dossier from Cercle Genealogique des Cheminots / Diary entry

Diary entry (1975)

1901 UK Census
1904 Celestine received her Certificate for receiving Sixth Standard

19/05/04 Olga Yvonne Marie Goasdoué born

1908 23 March 1908 Louis Rolland is in Canada
1909 Celestine leaves Guernsey for France Diary entry, 1909
1910 (10 Feb 1910) Francois Louis Goasdoue dies (born 1857) Celestine father in law
1912 28 Jan 1912 Celestine finishes 3 years  spent at Chateau de Champagnette.
Becomes engaged to Louis Rolland around this time
Letter of reference from local Priest
Mai 1912 Started work with the Rottembourg family in Paris (S: small business card with dates in CG handwriting)
August, 1914 outbreak of war in Europe (WW1)

Yves Goasdoue joins the Army (245 Artillery)

1915 9 May 1915 Auguste Guegan is killed in action in Arras

29 Sept 1915 Louis Rolland killed in action in Champagne

1916 Celestine at Ker Idre (pronounced Care Eedray) Possibly holiday [S: PC addressed to Ker Idere, St Laurent par kermoroch.
1917 Feb 1917, Celestine leaves Rottembourg family
1918 7 July 1918 – Celestine finishes work at Sanatorium des Pins, Villa Jeanne D’Arc, LaMotte BeuvronWar ends (S:reference from Hospital director)
1919 2 June 1919 Celestine finishes 10 months work with American Expeditionary Forces (probably in Tours) Reference. Also diary entry referring to end 10 years in France in Tours in 1919 before returning to Guernsey
1920 28 Jan 1920 Celestine married Yves Marie Goasdoué at Notre Dame des Rosaires, St Peter Port, Guernsey (aged 32)

14 Oct 1920 Lease for Les Prevosts signed

Marriage certificate
1921 8 Feb 1921 Bertrand born
1922 Yves brother Jean-Baptiste dies in 1922
1 Nov 1922 Raymond Rene Jean-Baptiste born
1924 27 Jan 1924 Georges Alexandre Yves Goasdoue born

Celestine is in Brittany this year

12 March 1924 Celestine’s mother dies

1925 27 May 1925 Denise Goasdoue born
1927 5 March 1927 Renee Goasdoue born
1928 June 9 1928 Henri Goasdoue born

Yves receives a permit to import a motorcycle into Guernsey

Marie Renee Goasdoué marries Paul Sherer in New York

1929 30 Nov 1929 Yves Marie Guegan dies (Celestine’s father) buried at Pabu (?)
1930 June 1930 Celestine’s sister Marie,  dies in Paris

1 Dec 1930 Robert Victor Pierre Goasdoue born

1932 22 July 1932 Paul Michel Julian Goasdoue born
1937 15 March 1937 Yves Marie Goasdoué dies of TB [death certificate]
1939 World war 2 begins
1940 Evacuation of younger children – Renee, Denise, Henri, Robert and Paul to England.
Occupation of Guernsey by the Germans
1944 2 Jan 1944 George dies
1945 War ends
1945 ? Children return from England
1947 15 Sept 1947 Bertrand dies of TB, aged 26

Raymond Goasdoue leaves for Canada

? Denise contracts TB and goes to London for treatment.
1948 1 June, Renee marries
? Robert moves to England
1961 Celestine leaves les Prevosts to live with Denise
1981 Celestine dies aged 93

One thought on “Timeline

  1. Henri Yves Goasdoue was my Grandfather so would that make Paul Goasdoue my great uncle? I also think it really strange how we share the same birthday!! And Denise and Renee Goasdoue my great aunts?


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