Louis Rolland’s birth certificate

I’ve bumbled around on the french genealogy website archives.cotesdarmor.fr and I think I’ve managed to locate Louis Rolland’s birth certificate.

It helps that he was born in a tiny village, St Gilles les Bois, as you can only browse chronologically by year.  His father is listed as Jacques Rolland, 34, occupation menuisier (carpenter) and his mother Marie (le) Huerou.

Interestingly, I have discovered a Canadian immigration record which could possibly be that of Louis (on his way to Chicago in 1912) and his occupation is listed as Carpenter on that.

Here it is



I also searched the Genearmor website his parents http://genearmor.cotesdarmor.fr/moteur/

The following births are listed

ROLLAND Marguerite Naissance :    le 27/04/1879  à Saint-Gilles-les-B (22)

ROLLAND Claude Paulin  Naissance :    le 05/06/1881   à Saint-Gilles-les-B (22)

ROLLAND Jean Marie Naissance :    le 05/06/1881,   à Saint-Gilles-les-B (22)    (Le Rolland – Décédé le 19.01.1908 à Squiffiec)

ROLLAND Louis Marie Naissance :    le 11/08/1882,    à Saint-Gilles-les-B (22)

ROLLAND Anonyme Naissance :     le 01/11/1877,   à Saint-Gilles-les-B (22)
(Décès le 01.11.1877)

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